Free Web Traffic Techniques

You have this great blog, but you need to let the world know it exists and how do you get the traffic to your site. Let’s look at the steps to use free web traffic techniques for your blog.

1. Make sure that you install the All in One SEO Pack if you are using WordPress. You will find this in the plugin area.
2. If you are using a different method to build your blog or website, you will need to optimize your blog or website by ensuring that you place your keywords in the header on the home page. In certain instances if you are using Drupal or WordPress, these systems are setup already search engine friendly. It is still best to optimize each of your pages including your website so that search engines are able to crawl all of your internal site pages too.
3. In addition to keywords, you need to add description tags in the header on your homepage.
4. If your blog or website is selling products and your goal is for your visitors to buy then make sure that’s the focus on your site and that you have a strong close.
5. WordPress is impressive which is why it is one of the most popular platforms for blogging. You can add new plugins that can benefit your blog. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
6. Your blog is a great way to generate targeted traffic that’s free. Write a blog post daily if you can but at least weekly. Give your readers the information they desire and they will return. Make sure that your blog is keyword rich.
7. Make sure that you create a Facebook page. This is an effective way to drive traffic to your website or blog.
8. Create a Twitter account too, because this is another great way to drive traffic to your website or blog.
9. Create a Pinterest account, which is the newest social media platform to become extremely popular, and use it to drive traffic to your site.
10. A sitemap is a good idea. After all, Google adores sitemaps. The reason for creating a sitemap is for the search engines. WordPress has a plugin called Google Sitemap, which make it a breeze.
11. Make sure that you have submitted your website to the search engines. Do not do this too often as you could find yourself banned.


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