Do you have control over your blog…

Do you have control over your blog…

Do you have control over your blog or does your blog control you, If you have a blog just for personal use as a journal and just spend a couple of hours a week on it posting your weekly activity then i suppose you have control over it, however if you have a blog with the intention of monetizing from it then this would be another story, your blog may not only have control over you but also stress you out a little.

Yes, i know because i have been there, and i also know how to get over it.

Having a blog with the intention of monetizing from it requires:

  • Having to research/post every so often some good content to attract readers.
  • Having to drive tons of traffic to it by sharing your posts.
  • Having to create a nice looking blog with some sort of optin
  • Having to create ads,product reviews etc.
  • Having to update your blogs status plus much more.

Sad situation to find yourself in i suppose, however if you are running a business and your blog is like your main hub in the business then it is normal having to spend hours and hours just updating your blogs status, however having to spend hours updating your blogs status and having to refrain from your families activities is even worse.


  • You sacrifice yourself and do the work late nights when family sleeping.
  • You outsource the work.
  • Do it from your iphone, ipad, or any other available gadget whilst out with the family.

My option was the first one, not that i wanted to do this at nights however after my daily work routine i spent time with my family and very late at night i concentrated on my blog, at that was my blogging process day after day.(Who ever wants something he has to sacrifice something, so i sacrificed my sleep).

Do you have control over your blog…

Not easy task i suppose however because i did not have the money to outsource i had no other option.

Others might think of it some different way which i respect, they sacrifice quality time with their families and spend it on their blogs so they can accelerate their business and like this spend quality time with their families when they achieve their desired success.

Now if your blog is successful you also have to consider that perhaps involves more input such as:

  • More fresh content.
  • More Sharing.
  • More comments to moderate and reply.
  • Plus much other aspects that it may incur.

Now my question to you is, what other way do you do it?

Do you have any other resources or ways to fulfill the tasks your blog requires?

How do you manage time?

Please give us your views, do you control your blog or does your blog have control over your life?

Do you have control over your blog…

Is Time Management an issue to you?

Please have your say!





6 Responses to “Do you have control over your blog…”

  1. Hey Dan…

    I have built a few blogs from scratch during my career.

    I truly understand what you mean there… and yet, I’d say, even when you’re not using a blof only as a journal, you can still master it and your time effectively.

    Here is the key, in my opinion.
    1) Build a foundation, a website/blog with a solid coverage of the main things people would like to read about your selected topic. This make take some time and should rather be built gradually, not at once…
    2) Setup a professional SEO campaign to bring in on top os SERPs for at least about 10 most important KWs that you’re targeting. This may take less time as long as you’re willing to spend some money…
    3) Once you have 1+2 done and you got some good ranking and traffic starts to pour IN, taadaa!

    Here is the secret: STOP being a writer – become an editor only.

    4) Start attracting people to write FOR the blog. Simply be the editor.

    I can guarantee that it can become fun that way. And instead of the blog owning, you, YOU would own it now, for a change…

    Steve ✉ Master eMailSmith ✉ Lorenzo
    Chief Editor, eMail Tips Daily Newsletter

  2. dan says:

    hi Steve,i totally agree with your comment in fact it is all down to how you approach and manage time,i always say it is down to having a plan of action and build gradually,i know some which are a slave to their blogs and do not have fun with them because they get frustrated for many reasons such as no visitors,no comments, and they do not monetize although this could be for a number of reasons however they still spend an enormous amount of time trying their best and yet no results, i feel for these people because they should have some type of control over it…

    thanks again!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hey Danny,

    I have a little different situation actually. I work at home plus I don’t have a family to attend to. Okay, my Mom moved next door last summer but she’s living independently for now. My point is, I love my blog but I’m able to manage my time appropriately.

    I can’t even image what it’s like to have a full-time job then you come home to a family that needs your attention and then only after everyone has settled down for the night are you able to get online and tend to your business. I so admire anyone who does this.

    Building a business all while using your blog as the main tool is very time consuming but oh so worth it.


  4. dan says:

    Hi Adrienne, exactly my point, you know how to manage your time appropriately however how many people do not know how to manage their time, and this is why i stress out the importance of following a plan of action for those with too much going on in their private lives, like you say you cannot imagine how you would do with other responsibilities well let me tell you that following and sticking to a plan of action it is very difficult to fail in your business!

    thanks for your comment much appreciated Adrienne.

  5. Hey Danny,

    I, like Adrienne, dont’t have a family to attend to. One thing I did though was wrote like crazy creating 3 months of material in advance set for a future date to be published. This strategies help me so that I can actually do other things. Most don’t agree to this, but it helps some people.

  6. dan says:

    Hi Sherman, that is one cool strategy you are using,however it all comes down to what i said having a plan of action,this always work and i encourage everyone to have one!

    thanks for your comment!


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